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Not Guilty

March 20, 2018

Have you ever wronged someone?  Have you ever hurt someone (intentionally or unintentionally) or made a mistake that could really change the status of your relationship with someone?


I have.  Confession time…


  • I accidentally smashed my daughter’s fingers in the car door when she was younger.

  • I broke my wife’s pie plate that belonged to her grandmother.

  • I scratched, dented or crashed my parents auto’s…three times.

  • I got a speeding ticket one day, told my wife I would watch my speed from now on, only to get another one two days later.

  • Put a hole in the drywall at my parents’ house when I had friends over.

  • Put a hole in the drywall at our first house after we got married…when I had friends over.

  • Ruined the transmission in our truck after I got it stuck in the back yard.

  • I was getting an “F” in science in high school, report cards are coming, I went to the post office and told them we are gone on vacation for a couple days to hold the mail and I would pick it up.  Post office got suspicious, called my parents, verified we were home, they got the report card and news of what I did…not a good day.  But, in my defense, it did work before (sorry mom).


Ok, enough confession time.


The beauty of those things I listed above…the people that I wronged or hurt, all forgave me.  It’s a good feeling to know that these people love me so much that I am completely forgiven of my dysfunction.


We, as followers of Christ, are also forgiven.  All of our sins, forgiven.  The one’s that seem like not a big deal, the ones that maybe seem bigger to us, and the ones that we pick up again or the enemy reminds us of from time to time.  All forgiven, no condemnation.


Romans 8:1:  Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.


If we were in a court setting, “no condemnation” means to be found innocent of the accusation.   To have a “not guilty” verdict found.


How freeing is that?  How humbling?  What a blessing!  The key though is not to only be found innocent but to live with the spirit the freedom brings.  If Christ died to set us free, we’d be wise to act like it, accept this precious gift, and live thankfully and confidently that there is no condemnation.

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