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April 3, 2018

We live in a beautiful part of the world don’t we?  The Pacific Northwest…we really are spoiled.  Think about it…


  • Ocean

  • Mountains

  • Country Farms

  • Green everywhere


Do you ever just sit back and notice the beauty of God’s creation?  Do you look at the sunrise (or sunset), stare at Mt. Baker, go to Woods over by Boulevard and walk the boardwalk and just take in the beauty that God has created? 


Do you do that?  Or have you seen these things so much that they stopped being amazing to you?


It’s funny how we can go to another city or another part of the country and be amazed at what they have.  When I was in Alaska I thought how cool it was to see a whale, a bear walking by across the river while I was fishing, the countryside.  We notice things when they are new to us, but the beauty that God has right in front of you, sometimes we take them for granted or lose interest.


Same if you are married.  I know, I better be careful here.  But do we treat our spouses, date them, talk to them, and care for them the same or more as when we were dating or just first married. 


We seem to lose appreciation for things that are familiar.  I think we need to spend more time being amazed.


Psalm 145:5“I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles”.


God created treasures for us, in people and in nature.  God is the designer, the builder, the master.  We would be wise to steward those things well and to enjoy them, be amazed by them, and praise God for them.


This past Easter weekend we saw salvations, rededications, people getting into community, connections, and much more to be praising about.  God is the master behind all of that.  We should look at all of those things with amazement.


Let’s not take anything for granted.  Neither the routine nor the astounding.  Let’s look at things like they are new, with the beauty that they really are.  Let’s be amazed by our Creator today.

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