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Listening to God

April 17, 2018

God has been speaking a certain subject to me lately.  Has that ever happened to you?


Every scripture you read, every word you get from a friend or family member, the promptings in your spirit, all seem to lead you into that same “theme” that God is speaking to you.


That is what has been happening to me lately.  I’m not sure why.  I don’t get why this particular theme is what God is trying to get my attention with, but it worked.  I don’t feel I’m struggling in this area, but God has something to say about it, and if I really dig deep, maybe this area where I feel my confidence in God is strong, maybe it’s not that strong after all.


Maybe God is speaking this for another reason.  Maybe it is to study up on a subject as I’ll have people in my life that will need this word from me.  Maybe a situation will happen later and these scriptures I’ve been studying will be what I need to fall back on or remind myself of.


The fact is, when God speaks, I’d be wise to pay attention.


2 Timothy 3:16 teaches us that “All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training”


When God speaks a certain theme, I go back to this verse and ask myself the following questions…


  1. What is God trying to teach me?

  2. Is this an area where I need correcting?

  3. Is this an area I need more training?


So if God is speaking to you, and it seems to be consistent, I’d go to this verse and ask the following questions to yourself. 


God could be speaking to you for your own good, for someone else’s good, or for something you’ll need training for upcoming. 


It’s encouraging to know God speaks to us.  He does it through His word, other people, and the promptings of The Holy Spirt. 


The key question we need to ask ourselves is this…”Am I too busy to hear?”  Is there so much activity, so many deadlines, so loud in your world that you are missing that still small voice of God? 


This Sunday we will be digging into the subject God has been speaking to me on lately, hoping to be able to learn and grow together!

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