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Need to Reconnect?

December 11, 2018

On Sunday I spoke about a survey that showed that 90% of all Americans celebrate Christmas, however, only 46% of those Americans celebrate Christmas as part of their belief in Jesus vs. just celebrating a cultural holiday.  The unfortunate thing about that number (other than only 46% celebrate Jesus during this time) is that the number who do celebrate the birth of Christ continues to decrease, year after year.


Maybe the reason that number continues to decrease is because those of us who do call on the name of Christ as our personal Lord and Savior isn’t showing the world Jesus to begin with


Luke 2:10but the angel reassured them.  “Don’t be afraid!” he said.  “I bring you good news of great joy for everyone!”


That good news, that great joy, is Jesus.  Everyone…that means you, that means me, that means your neighbors, co-workers, your family members.


If Jesus means good news and great joy…do our lives showcase those things?  Are we filled with great joy?  If not, could that be the reason the numbers are decreasing? 


If we proclaim to be followers of Jesus, but show no joy, no love, show nothing different than the world is getting from anyone else, then what makes Jesus attractive to the unbelieving?


John 15:11I am the vine and you are the branches…if you are connected to the Vine you will bear fruit and He told them, “I am telling you this that you will be FILLED with my joy”


Let’s not forget the reason for Christmas.  The reason and our hope, is Jesus Christ. 


Take a moment to do a quick spiritual self-check.  Is your life bearing fruit?  Do you feel filled with joy?  Scripture shares that if you are attached to the Vine (Jesus) then your life will bear fruit and we will be filled with His joy. 


If you don’t feel like your life is bearing fruit, if you aren’t feeling filled with joy, then we need to get reconnected.  Start with your 10’s (10 minutes in prayer, 10 minutes in scripture) and ask God to show you in what areas do you need to “reconnect”.


Let’s show off Jesus as the reason and hope this season.  Let’s respond to “Happy Holidays” with a “Merry Christmas!”

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