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Biblical Community: Passenger vs. Rescuer

October 21, 2019

The dictionary defines a rescue mission by stating “an operation to rescue people in urgent need”.

If we know that 86% of Whatcom County is unsaved or unchurched, I would say we have a large part of our population in “urgent need”.

In Luke 15, Jesus shares a couple parables where he explains the value of those things that are lost.  

In the parable of the lost sheep he says to “leave the 99 and go find the 1 that is lost.”

In the parable of the lost coin he says that the woman would “search diligently” for her lost coin until she finds it.

God values the lost, Jesus lived his life on a rescue mission, so I believe we as a church, as a small group community, and as individuals we should have that same passion and purpose.

Luke 19:10 says “Jesus came to seek and to save the lost”.

Again, God values those that are lost.  Knowing that God values the lost, and Jesus came to seek and to save the lost (and I believe is calling us to continue that mission), then I have a couple question for you

 “Would Jesus attend your small group (if you are in a group)?” 

“Would Jesus attend New Song Church?”

I believe we are called to seek and to save, just like Jesus did.  But…we have to decide on thing.  Do I want to be a passenger or a rescuer?

Imagine all of us are on a ship, but we get to decide what kind of ship it is.  A pleasure cruise, or a rescue boat.  We get to decide if we want to be a passenger or a rescuer.

A pleasure cruise:  Designed to entertain, self-contained and inwardly focused, no urgency, passengers (the paying customers) are the center of the experience, the boat is designed to simply meet the needs of who is on the boat.  We’re happy if we are entertained and relaxed.


A rescue boat:  Less concerned about comfort than function, outwardly focused, more concerned about those who are not on the boat, there are no passengers on this boat, only rescuers, everyone has a job and a role to play, the needs of those off the boat are more important than the comfort of those on it.

Which boat do you want your church to be?  Which boat do you want your small group to be? Personally, do you want your life to be defined as a passenger or a rescuer


There is someone out there whose life would change if they were under your stewardship, had a seat in your small group, and were simply your friend.  Go get the one, the one that is lost, the one that Jesus is calling you, your group, your church to rescue.

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