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Church Outreach in Today’s World

December 15, 2019

Get this- 75% of American adults identified themselves as Christians in 2015, yet only about 30% of Americans attend church. This means that there is a greater number of Americans that need to be re-churched than there are Americans who consider themselves Christians in the first place. What then should our church outreach and evangelism efforts look like if the majority of Americans are just needing a church to get plugged into?


Because of this, I believe that the primary way that we will be successful in “outreach” as a church is by doing more of what we are already starting to do- reaching out to strayed and unchurched family members, friends and co-workers and bringing them back into fellowship through the local church. So many of our 1st and 2nd time guests are dechurched Christians who came because of a family/friend/co-worker invitation. This is one of the main reasons why our church is starting to grow and we are seeing such great fruit from it because the need is so great in our county.


On the other hand, we can’t forget to reach non-Christians. Yes, some non-Christians will come because of church invitations as well, but according to history it will ultimately require bold preaching outside of the four walls. I haven’t seen one person in Washington state get consistent breakthrough in this area yet, but it is possible and I believe that one person will get the breakthrough in our congregation in due time.


So, considering that we are currently most effective in the area of inviting, who do you know at your work, in your family, in your circle of friends, or working behind the counter at your favorite coffee shop that you could ask to come with you to church? An army of inviters is rising up and we want you to join!

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